FreeDom is a 50 foot, center cockpit, cutter rigged, mono-hulled, blue water cruising sail boat.  What does that mean to you and me... she's a nice sized boat with the driving position and main seats at the center of the boat.  She has three positions for sails, main (the big one), jib (front sail) and stay-sail (between main and jib).  She has a single hull so will lean over as the wind blows.  This is important as this safely removes pressure and force from the rig in heavy weather.  The blue water bit just means she was designed to race and cruise long distance and in open oceans.





Sail FreeDom is owned and operated by husband and wife team Dominic and Jesica Brennan and their 2 small boys Jett (4) and Noah (1).  Dom is a Londoner by birth but has been in the Bay Area since 1998.


In 1999 as a young, single 20 something doing well for himself Dom decided to buy a boat. He chose an ostentatious 50 foot sailboat named Tutu and used her as strictly a pleasure vessel whenever he was home.

In 2008 Dom met Jesica and in an effort to convince her a giant 50 foot sailboat was worth keeping in San Francisco, even though they were living in New York, he proposed to her aboard his beloved boat.  She of course said yes and the rest as they say is history.


Unfortunately for Tutu she was neglected over the years as Jes and Dom spent time traveling and then having babies and never once set foot upon poor Tutu.


But then in 2014, as Dom grew more and more weary from all the travel required of him by his job, a discussion about selling Tutu turned into an idea that we could literally free Dom from his job and the corporate world.


And Sail FreeDom was born.


Dom quit his job and went to work on Tutu.  He ripped her apart and lovingly put her back together.  She is now named FreeDom in honor of our endeavors.


cap'N Dom

Dom learned to sail via windsurfing in central London as a boy! He had to travel by train and cycle for 60 minutes to a lake most summers and anytime he could break away to the coast to grab some surf.  Windsurfing give him a good understand of winds, surf and the power of tides, currents and generally water.  Since that start Dom has crewed on many different boats in Europe and North America.


Fine tuning his skills through education with OCSC in Berkeley in the 90's and racing with friends and branching out into the wider San Francisco Bay and northern Californian coast.


In 1999, Dom found and purchased Tutu in Hawaii.  The next few months were spent enjoying the Island life and sailing while readying her for the voyage back to California.  But mostly enjoying the island life and sailing!  In 2000 Tutu made the trip to San Francisco and since then Dom and Tutu have sailed the San Francisco Bay, Californian coast and more.  


Dom is a licensed USCG Captain and holder of many other qualifications, but the important thing is his passion to share the experience of the bay with others and sailing in general.